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  1. Dec 22,  · Constance is young and she's learning th effects she can have on a guy through giving a look or a little bit of attention. The havoc she creates with all th guys is amusing. She isn't doing it to be mean spirited which would not have been enjoyable to read. She just doesn't know the proper way to act/5(54).
  2. From ecological thatch roofing to crystal clear water, Constance Moofushi is one of our unique resorts with a soul. All villas are built and decorated with wondrous tones of nature with a hint of Constance chic. Feast on fresh seafood and treat your palate to the finest wines in our sand floored restaurant.5/5(K).
  3. Constance Belle Mare Plage Escape to one of the Leading Hotels of the World where space and stunning architectural design are combined to establish an authentic hotel in the Indian Ocean. Relax in Junior or Family Suites, in a Villa or the Princely Villa, set along the beach or on stilts above the lagoon.
  4. Constancy definition, the quality of being unchanging or unwavering, as in purpose, love, or loyalty; firmness of mind; faithfulness. See more.
  5. Constance Spa has 6 treatment rooms. The spa is open daily/10(71).
  6. Constance is a stunning beautiful person, inside and out. She looks after her friends and will always be there for them. Shes very smart and clumsy and can be bored easily. Everyone loves her and the .
  7. Constance definition, a lake in W Europe, bounded by Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. 46 miles (74 km) long; sq. mi. ( sq. km). See more.
  8. Constance synonyms, Constance pronunciation, Constance translation, English dictionary definition of Constance. See Konstanz. n 1. a city in S Germany, in Baden-Württemberg on Lake Constance: tourist centre. Pop: 80 German name: Konstanz 2. Lake Constance a lake.

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