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  1. Jan 24,  · Produced by Frank Liddell (Miranda Lambert, Lee Ann Womack) and Luke Wooten, Proof features a more earthy quality with a less-Is-More approach from instrumentation to production/5(98).
  2. "If an 80 proof bottle took my life, it will take nothing short of Proof Living to get it back." Chris Pridmore "I make mistakes. Everybody does. I have value. Everybody does." Brian Yates " I want people to know not only do miracles happen, but transformation and being reborn is possible." Caitlin Meath.
  3. Proof. A premium whiskey that's bold and balanced, with core whiskey notes and vibrant caramel and fruit accents. Crafted for true whiskey lovers who want a little extra New Orleans kick whether enjoyed neat, on the rocks or mixed in classic cocktails.
  4. “Conversation with a Cop and a Criminal” airs on the Proof Living podcast. Co-hosts Brian Yates, Chris Pridmore and Caitlin Meath discuss some of life's biggest hurdles. Through transparency and outreach, they convey the valuable tools and the vast hope they have acquired along the way.
  5. Jan 23,  · Proof (Aged in Soul) was a funk/soul group formed in Detroit, Michigan in Put together by Motown songwriting team Holland-Dozier-Holland, they signed to Hot Wax Records and went on to release several hit singles between and
  6. Proof Aged In Soul. Profile: Funk - soul group, formed in , Detroit, Michigan. Associated with The 8th Day Put together by Motown songwriting team Holland-Dozier-Holland, they signed to Hot Wax (4) They released two albums, and their biggest hits is "Somebody’s Been Sleeping" which sold over one million copies and went gold.
  7. Vodka Stolichnaya® proof Premium vodka captures all of the essence of Stoli® vodka, but is especially perfect for those who enjoy their Stoli extra smooth yet with a distinctive bite. It is a classically-styled, exceptionally smooth vodka—crystal clear in color .
  8. One hundred proof alcohol means the alcoholic content of the spirit is 50 percent. The minimum alcohol content a liquor can have to be labeled a spirit is 40 percent. Many are over proof, but proof doesn't mean quality. Rum, whiskey, gin and vodka all have proof versions.

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