How Did It Get Dark So Fast? - Tall Tall Trees - The Seasonal E.P. (Vinyl)

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  1. When we initially planted our trees we spaded up an area around the trees about 3 feet out from the trunk (6 foot diameter) - we also add mulch to keep the weeds and grass at bay. Be sure not to "Volcano mulch" - bad for the trunk. The green vinyl coated fencing blends into the landscape so it is rarely noticed. Reply; Inaccurate.
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  3. These barn wood Christmas trees are the perfect addition to your holiday decor! They will look fantastic and well displayed on your tabletop, fireplace, or office desk! The materials used to make these trees were salvaged from + year old barns in the mid-west. Each tree is a truly one of a kind piece pins.
  4. By Moristotle [Originally published on August 7, , without an image.I’ve successfully put off doing a simple clerical task for several years. This morning, like an unexpected gift, I noticed that I am now ready to do the thing. In fact, in the time that’s elapsed since my noticing my readiness I could almost have done it already – already have boxed up most of those four or five feet.
  5. The Seasonal EP by Tall Tall Trees, released 02 December 1. How Did It Get Dark So Fast? 2. Picture Picture 3. Say Something Real! 4. My Girls (Animal Collective Cover) Most of the sounds you hear on this EP are created with the Banjotron along with a little help from.
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  8. Striking The New GrooveLily Musical by GrooveLily, released 22 March 1. Violin Ascension 2. Overture 3. Thank You Very Much And Welcome 4. Snow Song (It's Coming Down) 5. Our Story Begins With A Man.. 6. Last Day Of The Year 7. Resolution 8. And So, The Man Resolves 9. The Sales Pitch But The Woman Is Gone It Was Terribly Cold.
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